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​Team Staff

​Masaya Sato

 Founder of Physical Architect Omotesando. I have a variety of Clinical experiences such as ICU / Orthopedic / Neurological / Athlete in the United States and Japan. The reason why I opened this clinic is to offer more reasonable physiotherapy and Training philosophy to maximize individual physical capability. 

 My specialty is Neuro-Muscular field and I am able to assess one's musculoskeletal imbalance and treat posture/ movement dysfunction and enhance sports performance by Rehab type training and weight training. 

  • University of Hawaii Physical Therapist ​Assistant major 

  • National Strength Conditioning Association Personal Trainer (NSCA CPT) 

  • Muscle Activation Techniques official trainer (MAT)

  • Neurological treatment specialist (NEURO-IFRAH)

  • ​Functional Range Conditioning (FRC)

Language ;English / Japanese 

​Yu Nakajima 

 He was working at acute and Chronic hospital for a mainly Neurological deficit as Occupational Therapist for a long time. He currently works with patients who discharged from the hospital. 
In Addition, Yu Nakajima holds Doctor of Chiropractic degree which is 4 years global standard for Preventive medicine.
 His Specialty is Neurological field such as stroke / Parkinson disease and nerve dysfunction.
  • Occupational Therapist 

  • 3学会合同呼吸療法認定士

  • Kawara Stroke Techniques Beginner Certificate 

  • Doctor of Chiropractic(D.C)

​Language ;Japanese 

​Takuya Kanada 

 ‪He is currently working at Chronic Rehab hospital and his specialty is Orthopedic condition and Postural recovery. 
Especially, he has strength in postural analysis and be able to offer correction of behavior patterns in ADL. 
He treats not only physical dysfunction, but he also focuses on the mental condition affecting one's physical performance.
  • Physical Therapist 

Language ;Japanese
​Kaito Sato

 Kaito Sato graduated from Oregon State University and he is Athletic Trainer.

 His Specialty is  Athlete Rehab and he has rich experiences such as the treated Football team(Oregon State University) / MLB athletes. 

 In addition, he is qualified by Kinetic Integration Association founded by 

This method is associated with an integrated assessment system for the entire body function.

After he came back to Japan, he obtained an acupuncture license and offer Therapy and training for functional recovery / Pain release / Movement correction by using integrated western and  Eastern therapy methods. 


      ● Acupuncture therapist     
      ● Body Talk    
      ● Kinetic Integration (KIEP)

​Language ;English / Japanese